Dr. Ursula Theiler
is CEO of the company Risk Training, Germany. She is a professional trainer and consultant who has conducted numerous trainings of financial institutions, supervisors and companies related to risk and bank management. Dr. Ursula Theiler holds a doctorate degree of the Banking Department of the Ludwig-Maximilans-University of Munich, Germany. Her main fields of research are risk and bank management. Dr. Ursula Theiler has gained several years of practical experiences in different German private an public banks as customer advisor, credit analyst and member of controlling and planning divisions, as well as senior partner and consultant of a software company in risk management. She is contributing to various international conferences and research projects and has received different awards for academic research.

Academic Cooperations:

Risk Management and Financial Engineering Lab, University of Gainesville, FL, USA

University of Augsburg, Banking Department, University of Augsburg, Germany

Baden-Wuerttemberg State University, Heidenheim, Germany

Honorary Post:

President of the "Förderverein Landschaftsschutzgebiet Buschgraben / Baeketal e. V."
(Association of nature protection in the Berlin/Brandenburg area),


Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA), 
Board Member of the Steering Committee of the Munich Chapter, Germany